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Blow LA Serves Up Style With a Side Order of Fun

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There is a special place in heaven for any man who greets you with mimosas and cookies and just wants to make you feel pretty. We're talking about Roy, the proprietor of Blow LA, a new blowout salon that just opened in Beverly Hills. It's a simple concept: they just do blowouts. There's a fixed menu: $35 gets you your choice of looks like a Bohemian 'do, a "Big Head" voluminous blowout, or romantic ringlets. (But yes, they take special requests.) The salon has already caught some buzz, thanks to coverage on Fox LA: we dropped by over the holiday weekend, and while the rest of Beverly Hills looked like a ghost town, every station in the place was booked. Lots of happy chatter and cross-talk; even with its comfortable, upscale furnishings, it has the friendly vibe of a neighborhood beauty shop. For the moment, they're using Tigi; they'll probably add Bumble & Bumble to the mix, and may even offer product for sale in the near future. Book your blow and give them a call at (310) 278-4600.
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Blow LA

419 N. Bedford Dr., Beverly Hills, CA