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At Burberry, It's All About the Outerwear

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Elizabeth Daniels, 7/10

On a pretty day like today (which is, according to the calendar, the middle of summer), it's hard to get excited about shearling fleece-lined leather jackets—but come fall or winter, you're going to be pining for a Burberry coat. A little over a week ago, Christopher Bailey graced the Beverly Hills Burberry with this charming presence; we stopped by to do the meet-and-greet and get some pictures of the key pieces for fall. Telling you that we saw covetable trenches with amazing, feminine details is a bit like saying we went to the library and discovered books: the biggest "no duh" statement possible. But how about the short leather biker jackets with the plush lining, and all the straps? The blue plaid, double-breasted coat is an interesting mashup of rocker, mod and punk style that we certainly wouldn't kick out of the closet. As for the footwear, it was booties galore—a welcome change from the socks and chunky sandals look that had been plaguing the Burberry mannequins last season. The collection is already available for purchase.
· Burberry [Official Site]

9560 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA