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LA Flea Market Takes Over Dodger Stadium

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We're not the biggest flea market fans in the world, but we can certainly enjoy a good spectacle. We didn't leave the new LA Flea Market disappointed. In terms of quality and price, the wares were all over the map. There were a few interesting purveyors of vintage clothing, and a few more "What are you smoking that would make you think I'm gonna drop $200 on a pair of beat-to-shit Prada shoes from five years ago?" types. There were at least three booths selling vintage and deadstock eyewear; our favorite being Allyn Scura. Of course, there were also scented soaps, cheap Ed Hardy-looking tees, bad art, and a Dianetics booth. Among hundreds more.

The food truck area was understandably a big draw: many folks came out just for the chance to nosh at the Ludobites truck. We arrived and left early: at 10:30, the parking lot was already one big clusterfuck, and there were already too many people and too much heat for our liking. We've been keeping up with Twitter comments, and they all basically say the same thing: lots of fun, but just too much heat. We doubt the organizers can do much about the sun, but it will be interesting to see what they tweak for the next market.
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