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Let's Play House: Dwell on Design at the LA Convention Center

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Dwell on Design landed at the Convention Center this weekend, bringing an assortment of lectures, DIY demos, and merchants and designers offering everything from high-end lighting and futuristic-looking toilets to recycling and mulching kits that require a certain level of committed fanaticism to make work. There was a very big emphasis on eco-this, sustainable-that, and reclaimed wares and processes. (Ed Begley Jr. was a marquee speaker, if that tells you anything.) We knew it was home, garden and furniture—NOT clothing, so we were delighted to find a collection of supple leather bags from local retailer Environment, who also carries a line of accessories made from recycled army fatigues. As an utter layperson who doesn't know a lot about furniture or interior design, we gotta say the most interesting part of the show was Asia Now, a section devoted to emerging trends from the Asian markets. This was where the art furniture lived. Like the chair that was formed from a latticework of shiny, black lacquer roses. Anna Sui would have loved it.
· Dwell on Design [Official Site]

Los Angeles Convention Center

1201 South Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA