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Partying in the Penthouse with Lofty Ambitions

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Elizabeth Daniels, 6/10

Last night we partied in the penthouse of the Chateau Marmont. Okay, we knew we would probably never be able to type that sentence again, so we had to get it out of our systems. We attended a fabulous event to get a sneak peek at the new Loft fall 2010 collection, partly because we love the new fashion direction the brand is taking away from its Ann Taylor parent, and partly to sneak a peek at the location. Which is fabulous, by the way.

The new fall looks continued down the slightly more unconventional path that Loft has been taking to distance itself from the frumpy mom-clothes that the company has been known for in the past. Granted, nothing showcased by the national retail chain could be considered groundbreaking or revolutionary, but the looks are much more on-trend than a color-coordinated twinset with pleated khakis.

First off, we would so rock the furry vest sported by so many of the models and Loft staffers (it's faux-fur and will retail for $98). We also wanted to sneak away with a pair of the $198 over-the-knee riding boots. Overall, we were surprised by the slouchy sweaters, batwing-style hoodies and faux fur that seemed to abound. But predictably, there were also tailored blazers, tweeds, houndstooth, rugby-striped and nautical-striped cardigans, lots of ruffles and floral accents. But the black and gray blazers were paired with tees and jeggings instead of suits, the tweed jackets were cropped with interesting collars instead of lapels, the houndstooth was oversized and woven with a shiny fabric, and the floral accents were mostly removable belts or pins.

It may just be the special place that preppy clothes hold in our hearts, but we're looking forward to the collection hitting stores.