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For Those of You Who Think Waiting in Line for an iPhone is so Plebian: Vertu Opens on Rodeo Drive

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Do you cringe at the thought of congregating with all the unwashed masses, all those common?commoners, lining up to buy a cheap, silly iPhone? If that sounds like you, and you've got $6,000 to spend on a phone (not including service), welcome to Vertu. The new ultra upscale mobile device boutique just opened this month, in one of the fanciest retail addresses in Beverly Hills. Vertu phones may not have a Make a Cupcake app, but they do have the closest thing imaginable to an on-call butler. (Urban legend has it that someone called up the concierge and ordered dinner with Queen Elizabeth, and the service managed to rustle up a ticket to an exclusive appearance that did, in fact, have dinner?MAGIC.) Maybe you could even make the Concierge feature stand in an iPhone line for you.
· Vertu [Official Site]


214 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA