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Bebop Design Brings Midcentury Charm to Sunset Junction

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Sunset Junction just welcomed a new merchant into the mix, though technically, you can't call Bebop Design new. The store has been in business since 2009, but they just immigrated from Rowena. And the store deals with authentic midcentury treasures: impeccable condition, yes -- new, not so much.

Bebop took over the old T Mobile space on the same block with Zachary's Smile, so they're in some great company. With the move their floor space essentially doubled: it's a significant collection, considering that the proprietors lovingly hand-pick every item themselves. And it's the same proprietors, Remi and Susy, who've made the store special. Besides, collectively, having an amazing eye, they've created a space that's welcoming and homey, in sharp contrast to the sometimes austere, "You touch it, you pay for it" aura that permeates many other stores of the kind.

In addition to furniture and books, they also stock an impressive collection of posters and prints. If you're looking to class up your pad or add an arty touch without spending much money, these posters (all authentic, lots of Art Deco) are a very attractive option. Bebop is open every day; for additional information, call them at (323) 770-1901.
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Bebop Design

4006 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA