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Sustainable LA Designers Bridge the Gap Between Doing Good and Looking Good

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We discovered Chemline at Unique LA in April. We weren't exactly sure of how to pronounce the name: one of us thought the c would be silent, and it would be a guttural, harsh, Eastern Bloc sounding H; the other one of us thought it like "hemline" but with a K. What we did agree on was that the clothing was pretty sweet. It's made from sustainable and free-trade fabrics, but it's not at all dowdy or plain. Many of the pieces have architectural details like intricate pleating, or unique shapes for the neckline. The shapes and cuts are inspired by 40s era vintage. Chemline (pronounced with a "k" sound) has a studio and storefront in Chinatown; they recently held a trunk show, and we decided to check it out.

The space itself is pretty beguiling: that green wall is an everyday fixture. (But sadly, the bar isn't.) In addition to Chemline, the event showcased LA brands Anita Arze, Lavuk, and jewelry from Tiffany Kunz.

Apart from being sustainable and ethically produced, the lines were unique and there wasn't a lot of overlap. Anita Arze offered sexy, body-con knits, while Lavuk's line featured pieces that were crisp and girly. Jewelry designer Tiffany Kunz brought her eponymous wares: simple, elegant designs that are more Santa Monica than Beverly Hills. Her designs are already favored by eco-ists and the yoga set, but don't let that stop you: the rings and necklaces would set off a Diane von Furstenberg dress just as well as they would yoga pants and Havaianas.
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504 Chung King Court. Los Angeles, CA