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Uplifting News (for your Ass): Salsa Jeans Coming to Melrose

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Portuguese denim brand Salsa Jeans is coming to Melrose this summer, and bringing gravity defying style to the glutally-impaired residents of Los Angeles. Or for ladies who've got more gut than butt, they offer a "push in" jean that's so high-waisted, it basically stops a couple of inches below your armpits. Other interesting products: reversible jeans, unisex jeans, and "during and after"maternity jeans. We're told the range runs from $87 on up to $210. Salsa Jeans is moving into the old Antik Denim space; should be up and running sometime in July.
· Salsa Jeans [Official Site]

Antik Denim, Salsa Jeans

8013 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA