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Sweet Sweet Deals on Silk at Geren Ford

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As writers who are also hardcore shoppers, we cringe at the overuse of the term "sample sale." Most blowouts are really just piles of overstock that were pulled directly off of a sales floor, or never made it to a sales floor because it sat in a warehouse while the ones that were on the sales floor never sold.

That said, the Geren Ford sale is a true sample sale. Located in a penthouse condo on Culver Blvd, the sale features about 12 racks of previous season samples for super cheap. There are cotton/jersey tops for $20, silk tops for $40, vests and sweaters for $30, bins of shorts and capris for $5, cotton/woven dresses and denim for $30, pants and skirts for $20, silk dresses for $70, long dresses for $80, jackets for $60 and leather pieces for $100-$150. There were also picked-over bins of damages, accessories, intimates and Hawks for Urban Outfitters for $10-$20. The real jewels of the sale were the silk tops and silk dresses, which populated a majority of the racks. Most were muted, solid colors and very basic styles, although some prints and neon pinks did catch our eyes. Also, the $5 shorts are all black formal shorts and adorable blue-and-white-striped seersucker shorts. The intimates and accessories are almost all gone—ruffly panties and tie belts are all that's left.

Tips: The entrance to the sale is around the corner on Duquesne, and can actually be seen best if you're walking north on Duquesne towards Culver Blvd. Samples come in unmarked and odd sizes, so try everything on in the small communal dressing room. The sale takes cash and credit cards, but if you bring cash, you don't have to pay sales tax. Also, samples are getting snatched up left and right, and it's possible that the sale might close before 7pm tomorrow due to everything selling out.

Dude, why are you even still reading this? GO.
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9900 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232