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Agent Provocateur's Bridal Collection Makes White Satin Look Naughty

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When we hear about new styles from Agent Provocateur, we usually expect to see costume-y lingerie so crazy that it would never behave under actual clothes—which we know isn't really the point, but still. But we are pretty amazed at the 2010 Bridal Collection, which features a whole lot of cream and white silk, satin and every kind of lace imaginable. There's blue taffeta bows, lace skirts and pearl charm accents on styles that are simultaneously sweet and sexy. With lingerie this hot, you could get any man you wanted!

Oh, wait.

We also learned that the Agent Provocateur boutique on Melrose will now offer two hour private bridal fittings to help you find the perfect underthings for your special day. But bring your platinum card—each appointment has a minimum spend of $750. Not that it's hard to drop some serious cash on AP to begin with.
· Agent Provocateur [Official Site]

7961 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California