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Bad Sex is Bad. Except When It Happens to Somebody Else at Ron Robinson on Melrose

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First it was a hit show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater; then it became a book. Worst Laid Plans is a collection of hilarious, nasty, cringe-inducing, and all-too-relatable stories from super-funny people—many of whom dropped by Ron Robinson on Saturday to read their tales of when bumpin' uglies turns really ugly. There was Laraine Newman and her story about peeing her pants on a first date. (Would you believe that one had a happy ending?) 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub shared a ditty about being angsty and in love with an Angry Young Man who pierced his?you get it. We gotta wonder what the unsuspecting restaurant patrons were thinking when Whitney Cummings belted out "The Whore Next Door"??she was loud and lewd and her essay careened through just about every swear word and taboo imaginable. Our ribs ached from laughing. And since it was in Ron Robinson, audience members had the opportunity to explore the store and empty their wallets between readings.

We have a copy to give away to a fan on Facebook. We''re giving it away this afternoon; we'll let you know when and how.
· Worst Laid Plans [Official Site]
· Ron Robinson [Official Site]

Ron Robinson

8118 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA