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You Can't Buy Love Here, But You Can Trade for Other Stuff

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Elizabeth Daniels, 5/10

People queued up for hours to get the chance to wheel, deal, beg, wheedle, cajole, and haggle for goods (and a few bads, honestly) at the Russell Brand-spearheaded Buy Love Here, a high concept popup shop that inspired lunacy at the Bev Center yesterday. Russell Brand got all hands-on, and enlisted the help of a few big-name friends like Perez Hilton and Shepard Fairey (and we PRAY this is the only place where you'll ever see those two names in the same sentence). Perez was also in the store, acting as a ringmaster, while Shepard donated some premium prints and OBEY merchandise. Since it was an egalitarian affair—i.e. if you could make a case for your wares, they were welcome at the party—the store makeup shifted considerably through the event. A little trash but a lot of treasure, too. That one guy who used Craigslist to trade a paperclip for a house probably would have cleaned up.
· Russell Brand Wants Your Love, Not Your Money [Racked LA]

Beverly Center

8500 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA