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Remade Nordstrom Ups the Class Quotient at Los Cerritos Center

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Apparently, Los Cerritos Center—home to what's currently the biggest Forever21 on the planet—is upping their game and getting a bit classier, as is evidenced by the new Nordstrom that just opened mid-May. This Nordstrom shed its blahhh old skin in the southwestern corner of the mall and just emerged, all lightness and brightness, at the kitty-corner spot. And it's not just the digs: they're carrying more high-end brands, too. In the old days, the biggest name you'd find in shoes was Via Spaga, or maybe the occasional Kate Spade. Now they've got Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Burberry and Stuart Weitzman. The handbag section also got a similar refinement: they're stocking Marc Jacobs (and Marc by Marc Jacobs, too), Valentino, Burberry; and in the middle range, they've added Rebecca Minkoff to the mix. (Relax, Coach fans: they're still there, too.)


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600 Los Cerritos Center, Cerritos, CA