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Cynthia Vincent Sample Sale Goin' Off

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Phew! We missed our subway train so we got to the sale 15 minutes late. Utter chaos! Most of the purses had been snatched up, and the shoes were in crazy disarray. Lots of boots ($100) and flat sandals ($60). As far as the 12th Street stuff goes, we saw a lot of goods that had been made for Barneys Co-op. We didn't fancy any of the Mike & Chris stuff; at $300 for a jacket, it wasn't enticing or cheap enough to make us bat an eye. (And seriously, there are some kinda fug jackets with a weird metallic print that looks like a disco rash: NAGL.) We hear it will be replenished tomorrow. The price list is in the photo gallery. Wah, no more $20 samples. But lots of good stuff, if you don't mind being elbowed in the head or having some bitchy half-naked lady tell you that everything you're touching belongs to her or one of her friends, so put it down.
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The Cooper Building

860 S. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, CA