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Glamorous Cosmetics Are For The Pretty, Pretty Princess In All Of Us

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Mom always said that the secret to wearing makeup is to look like you're not wearing any. But some days we just wake up and think, "Dammit, I want bright blue eyelids." However, we don't really like to pay a lot for wild makeup, since we don't find ourselves in a lot of situations where bright blue eyelids are totally acceptable. And this is why we jumped at the chance to try Glamorous Cosmetics, a Greek company that has recently expanded into the US market. The price points are affordable—most everything is under $15—and the products are well-designed, which is not necessarily two points we would expect to find together in our cosmetics.

One of the best parts of the collection is the heavy pigments in unique, artistic colors. We hate when we buy something expecting it to look one way, but turns out to be a different shade when we put it on. Here, what you see is what you get, which is especially nice in the lipstick tubes—the bottom is actually a clear, removable compartment containing a small amount of product. The formula contains vitamins A and E and is about as moisturizing as any drugstore lipstick, but the colors are pretty opaque. Because if we're going to bother wearing lipstick, we're going to make sure people will see it.

We were also sent two exceptionally bright shades of nail polish, which we liked because of their wide brushes. The Candy shade had our friends saying, "Wow, that is some pink nail polish." (It is.) And if you're feeling really crazy, you can buy Glamorous' nail pens and stickers and really go to town. (Nail art is making a comeback.)

The two lip/eye pencils we received in brown and black had little sharpeners in the caps—convenient!—but we can't really think of any colors we'd use on both our eyes and lips. We do like that they're available in all kinds of colors like aqua and gold and forest green.

Basically, this isn't the kind of makeup that would cause us to throw away everything we own and wear it every day, but it's a really good go-to resource for fun colors. It's inexpensive enough to keep us from feeling guilty about indulging in something we might only wear a few times, but the products are good enough quality that we don't feel like we're using a 6-year-old's play makeup. Which we think would make Mama proud.
· Glamorous Cosmetics [Official Site]