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Kardashian Sisters Hit Kitson for Debut Jewelry Collection for Virgins Saints & Angels

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Kim, Kourtney and Khloe kame to Kitson on Tuesday afternoon to debut their collaboration with jewelry line, Virgins Saints & Angels. A large, peaceable mob of shoppers and devoted fans waited to meet the sisters and view the trinkets. Fans came as far as England—seriously, yes, England. (Ok, Billie was here for vacation, and worked the Kardashian promo into her itinerary). Devi, another shopper, has seen the sisters four times now at separate appearances and is a huge fan of the fun jewels that they created.

This line isn't the usual celeb "Let's hire a designer and then stick our name on it" project; the girls were hands-on and really participated in the creative process. They've borrowed symbols and motifs that represent Armenian culture, and combined those with little touches that have a more personal meaning: for example, the Armenian cross ring, which has three points to represent the three sisters. The line is affordably priced, and it's wearable—many of the pieces are everyday items that could work with a normal person's wardrobe (errr?not that we mean the Kardashians aren't normal people?;you know what we mean?). And the jewelry is wearable in the sense that it's quite pretty—not just some celebrity vanity project—and you would actually want to wear it. (Text and photos by Samantha Lefkowitz)
· Virgins, Saints & Angels [Official Site]


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