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Sheep and Waffles Go Hand-in-Hand at Moods of Norway

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Have you ever seen the bumpersticker that says, 'Support wildlife: throw a party'? That's exactly what Robertson Blvd. retailer Moods of Norway did on Saturday. They brought in real, live, cuddly sheep. And threw a party with tasty waffles, champagne, a DJ, and well-dressed Norwegians. If that's what it's like in Norway, we're ready to move! The sheep were just visiting for the day, but champagne and waffles is a pretty regular tradition at the Moods of Norway shop. The sheep were a special touch for the store's weeks-long celebration of their 1st anniversary (on National Norwegian Day). This coming Saturday, they're bringing in gorgeous Norwegian models to demonstrate how the clothing is made—since it IS made by gorgeous Norwegian models, or so the lore tells us. And on Monday the 17th, they're having another breakfast day, with waffles served by authentic Norwegian grammas. Both events are open to the public, both Norwegians and non-Norwegians alike.
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Moods of Norway

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