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Statement-Making Jewelry from LAS

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On Wednesday evening, EM & Co played host to a trunk show of truly outrageous, off-the-wall baubles from LAS Jewelry. The event was well attended by stylists, editors and really, really pretty people, but the stars of the night were Lisa and Dan (who also fall into the "really, really pretty people" category), the husband and wife design duo behind the collection. The pair was delighted to have the chance to talk to customers and show off the jewelry, but the jewelry practically shows itself off.

They each have their own unique creative energy that they put into the line. Dan is a sculptor, Lisa is a painter—and the art they make together is harmonious, beautiful and definitely cutting edge.

For their latest collection, they took inspiration from organic environments: the desert, the forest, the fields?and the ultimate organic environment, the human body. There were recognizable elements and motifs: the Crystal Flower, Longhorn, Crow, Gazelle, Wolf and Saber Tooth, but each item is one of a kind. Many of the pieces are made with recycled materials, and they're all designed to have a vintage, "torn apart" look. There's an unmistakable hand-crafted vibe, which makes the jewelry that much more special.

Much of the line is androgynous, especially some of the necklaces. Recently, the designers started making a few key pieces for men. Including some of the wildest lapel pins we've ever seen. Definitely not for the faint of heart, but you're practically guaranteed to leave an indelible impression.

The collection retails for $85 to $380. EM & Co is still taking appointments to view the collection; give them a call at (323)782-8155 to schedule yours. (text and photos by Samantha Lefkowitz)
· LAS Jewelry [Official Site]
· EM & Co [Official Site]

Em & Co

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