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Spotted! Cynthia Vincent for Target Shoes, at Target in OC

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It's a long, shaggy dog story as to why we were down in the OC and needed to go to a Target. But we started poking around, and look at what we found! The new Cynthia Vincent for Target shoes, a good 12 days before they're supposed to drop nationally. And for the most part, they're way cute, fully living up to expectations. The multi-colored wedge ($29.99) is as cute as the pictures make you believe. Ditto for the yellow studded sandal ($24.99). The one we were Ehhhhhhhhh about was the faux leather strappy kitten heel ($29.99). Really not that much different from typical Target fare. This Target only had three shoes from the collection; naturally, you can expect complete details once the entire collection shows up in stores.
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6835 Katella Ave., Cypress, CA