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Ladies in Waiting at the Christian Louboutin Event

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We expected a certain level of mania and swooning for yesterday's Christian Louboutin appearance at his West Hollywood boutique, and we were not disappointed. In our mind, there's a three-way tie for "Most Hardcore Christian Louboutin fan". The first woman in line arrived at 11am in the morning. After flying down from San Francisco, just for the event. Then there was a gal adorned with a tattoo of red-soled stilettos. And finally, there was another admirer who had one foot in some kind of medical splint—and wore a 4" Louboutin on the other. The man has some seriously obsessive fans.

And yet, there was zero drama. The admirers were all minding their manners. The staff was gracious and friendly. Louboutin was as cheery as his pink seersucker suit, chatting with, posing for, and accommodating anyone who asked. (Which didn't make for the fastest-moving line, since many women brought multiple pairs of shoes, and Louboutin carefully signed and decorated the shoes.) And OMG, the shoes!
· Christian Louboutin [Official Site]

Christian Louboutin

650 N Robertson Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069 310-247-9300 Visit Website

Christian Louboutin

650 North Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, CA