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Festive Indie Marketplace Unique LA Well On the Way to Being a Regular Thing

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We gotta ask the philosophical question: it is still considered indie if all the kids are doing it? Not that this existential question mattered a whit at this weekend's Unique LA show/festival/party at the California Mart. Nearly 300 merchants packed the penthouse floor, selling goods like handmade, eco-leaning garments; one-of-a-kind, hand-painted handbags; candles and soaps; artsy-craftsy goods; feathered earrings; and food. By 1pm on Saturday, the place was positively mobbed. We saw a few booths that were swarmed with people—Rojas had a rack of clothing for $15, and people were stepping all over each other to get to it, and the fun-with-felt duo Graf and Lantz have been getting a lot of local press love, so their booth was popular, too. Don't fret if you didn't make it to this weekend's event: judging by its attendance, there's sure to be another. It's a terrific opportunity to discover off-the-beaten track gems and local talent on the rise.
· Unique LA [Official Site]

110 East 9th St., Los Angeles