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Zac Posen for Target Out Early, But It's Not Another Vincent-Gate

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The reports starting trickling in early Friday afternoon, and by evening, there was a full-on monsoon: Zac Posen for Target was already on the floors of at least a dozen Targets, including Burbank, North Hollywood, La Cienega, West Hollywood, Irvine. We kept hearing about it all weekend long, mainly that the quality was surprisingly good, things looked as pretty in person as they had in the previews, and the fit ran a little small. We decided to wait until Sunday to check it out, to get an idea for how much would be available for the averages shopper who doen't stalk these things via fashion blogs. We hit the Glendale Target at 8:30am, and pickings were indeed slim. We agree: this collection is reasonably cute and seems very well made. (As it should, for the money.) It hadn't been given much attention in the previews, so the one thing that surprised us the most was the tuxedo bodysuit. And the fact there was only one left.
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Central and Colorado, Glendale, CA