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AK1511 Features Local Fashion

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Although the name sounds more like a dangerous weapon than a pop-up shop, AK1511 is a well-edited mix of vintage and locally designed goods that's only around for one more week. They hosted a party last Friday night, and we stopped by to see what was still available.

Although there are only a few pairs of Zodiac USA boots left (most featuring a funky, trendy tribal print on the leg), there is still plenty left to choose from. You'll find bold sunglasses from Claw Money for $99, big rings made from vintage buttons by Confection Jewels, nature-inspired metalwork jewelry from Nolan LA, hilarious tees from Kid Dangerous, luxurious leather jackets from 1020 by Nicole, handbags from Tarah Smith, beauty products from Apothia and funky clothes from Hellz-Bellz, Insight and the Cultist Shop. There's also plenty of vintage and jewelry from the Etsy LA Street Team: LA Vintage Exchange, Vintique LA, Louise Rose, Charlie Marcelle, Mixed Hearts, Pin Point Vintage and Rossmore LA. Really, the photos above speak for themselves, but there truly is something for everyone here. We're kind of sad that they have to leave, but there's already talk about bringing it back soon. But for now, stop by 1511 Abbot Kinney before May 3.
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1511 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca