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Since You Keep Asking Us Where the Shoes Are

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While its not the bitterness-inducing clusterf*ck that last week's Outnet sale was, we're hearing about how angry, how befuddled, how desperate some shoppers are about the latest two Target collabs. So we visited a few far-flung locations to see what we could come up with; and a few of our readers sent us tips (like not to get your hopes up).

CYPRESS, the original location where we first spied the shoes, has the same picked-over looking endcap. Mainly the flat sandals in yellow. No Eugenia Kim hats.

GLENDALE. A few shoes. The black heels. Only one pair of multi wedges, in size 10. (Those other big boxes have sandals in them.) No hats.

PASADENA—As of Monday night, they were down to 10 pairs. All flat sandals, no hats.

CERRITOS, across the street from that XXXL Forever 21. They have a decent size range for the yellow and black harness sandals. No wedges. No Eugenia Kim hats.

But they got pork rinds!

Basically, if you're willing to drive a ways and settle for crumbs, you can get your hands on a pair of the shoes. As far as hats go?no one we've spoken with has been so lucky.
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