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DJ/Producer/Frequent Flyer/Fashion Rockstar Daniel LeDisko

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Style Icon is a new series that highlights Angelenos who aren't strictly in the business of fashion, but who have an affinity for style, clothing, retail—or just plain looking good.

The first subject in the series is Daniel LeDisko (né Linton, or DanielRiots if you follow him on Twitter. Which we suggest you do because he's highly entertaining). He's one-half of the LA-based DJ/producer team LA Riots. They've remixed Kylie Minogue, Chris Cornell, Justice, Chromeo, the Ting Tings, Blake Lewis (yup, that Blake Lewis from American Idol), Tiesto, on and on. With dancefloor-destroying sets that typically run through indie dance and electro anthems to Belgium house and back again, LA Riots are filling progressively bigger clubs, all over the world. Sorry if it sounds like we drank the Kool-Aid; they're just that good.

Daniel has always impressed us with his sartorial style: it's a fusion of higher-end street wear, Band of Outsiders neo-prep, and clean, simple pieces from the likes of Rick Owens. We couldn't have selected a better Style Icon specimen: Daniel's as obsessed with clothing as we are. He does Gilt Groupe. He stalks jackets at Dior. He has between 100 - 150 pairs of sneakers, and that's not counting boots, shoes, or anything else. He bought his girlfriend an Alexander Wang Coco duffel bag for Valentine's Day. In short, he's our kind of guy. We caught up with him at Confederacy for a little shopping and conversation.

Elizabeth Daniels 3/10

What's new with LA Riots?
We just got back from the Winter Music Conference in Miami; we're playing Webster Hall in New York on Friday. We've been working on a bunch of remixes, including one for the Crystal Method/LMFAO track Sine Language, Nikki and Rich, another new act, Mini Viva, on Interscope, and on some projects for Teenage Riot Records, the label started by JFK (Jesse Keeler of MSTRKRFT) and our manager, Adrian.

Which of your peers, or colleagues, do you respect, style-wise?
A-Trak has always had good style?the guys from Justice [who made music for the Spring 09 Dior Homme runway show, FYI - ed.], for sure. Right now, there are a lot of DJs who look pretty good. With mainstream artists making dance music, like the Black Eyed Peas and even 50 Cent getting in on it, DJs and dance music are getting so much attention. You go to a gig sometimes, and instead of people dancing, there are a bunch of guys standing at the front of the stage, pumping their fists like it's a rock concert. (As a DJ)?you really have to be the total package; how you dress, how you present yourself.

So what are you wearing today?
A sweatshirt by J. Crew, an American Apparel v-neck, Endovanera pants, a Vestal watch, and shoes by Common Projects.

That sweatshirt is pretty fantastic. It came pre-messed up like that, with the paint and stitching?
Just like this. J. Crew is killing it right now. It's funny, I was on the beach in Miami, and I see these girls—they were orange and they were doing the Jersey Shore look. I heard one of them say "Someone's keeping it casual today," and she was being snotty, and I realized they were talking about me. I looked at them, and what they were wearing? (Daniel shakes his head, makes a face.)
Whatever. You can pretty much disregard any criticism from anyone whose skin is orange.
I thought about it again, later, and I wish I'd said something to them.

What about the cologne? It smells really nice.
Commes de Garcons. I can almost single-handedly keep them in business. I love their scents and their wallets.

Give us a brief, five-words-or-less description of your style.
Nice basics, with a twist.

Last purchase?
Pair of Dita sunglasses with thick frames. I normally wear aviators, but I saw these and went, "Wow."
(We can attest: they were very sexy sunglasses.)

You travel a lot: What's your favorite city for shopping?
Honestly, it's LA. It's just so easy here, it's easy to get to the stores I like, and I'm not rushed. When I'm touring, I like to go out and shop when I can. I'm not that guy who's out partying and drinking. I'd rather check out a good store. Sometimes I just have no time: I get off the airplane and go straight to the hotel, drop my bags, go to the club?wake up and then straight back to the airport.

I'm looking forward to doing some shopping in Japan. The clothes are cut smaller; things will fit right. (Daniel has a slim build with relatively broad shoulders; we curse American vanity sizing.)

What are some of your favorite stores?
In LA, there's Confederacy, Dior, Opening Ceremony, American Rag. I like the Barneys in Beverly Hills because they have Burberry and Moncler on the same floor with the Co-Op clothes. Then there's A.P.C., South Willard; they carry a lot of Band of Outsiders, which I love? In New York, I like Odin and Oak. And Collette in Paris.

What's your biggest pet peeve, or what you think is the most heinous crime against fashion?
It bothers me when I see people wearing clothes that don't fit. It looks sloppy and lazy. It's one thing if you see someone who's into hip-hop, with the oversized jeans and t-shirt, but when you see someone wearing clothes that are supposed to fit, like a man wearing a suit and the shoulder seam is down his arm. That just looks bad.

What if you had $500 to spend at any store in LA: where would you go, what would you buy?
Right off the top of my head: I'd go to Dior and buy jeans. And that's the end of the $500.

Check out LA Riots mixes galore here, and check them out April 30 at the House of Blues in San Diego.
· LA Riots [Facebook]
· Confederacy [Official Site]


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