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Loads of Leyendecker, Other LA Faves at Runway Outlet Sample Sale

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When we learned about the sale at the Runway Outlet, we totally put it on our calendar: it's a great, easy-breezy boutique and we can't imagine weave-ripping, trampling, or any of the other antics that often occur at sample sales would ever go on there. Plus, LA-based Leyendecker is a seriously hot commodity right now, so we decided to check it out.

We found an ample selection of merchandise. Really striking washed linen jackets and vests with cut-out lattice detailing up the back ($150 and $100), dresses and billowy tops with a marble print and little tassels at the sleeves, and an amazing dip-dye tank dress for $80. The store is also featuring discounts on top of discounts: 15% off on already reduced prices for TT Collection, 20% off for Smoke & Mirrors. There was a rack of Jenny Han and Guy Baxter dresses that weren't discounted, but were already massively cheap, like $65 dollars cheap. Plus, a whole rack of Battalion jersey separates, including fringed tunics for $25, and on the $25 rack out front, we found a selection of Whitley Kros tanks that still had their original $185 Barneys price tag on. So if you're craving sample sale prices with amenities like dressing rooms, friendly help, and non-stabby fellow customers, the Runway Outlet is your best bet this weekend.
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Runway Outlet

2395 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA