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T by Alexander Wang Underwear Almost OK as Outerwear

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On Sunday, we were in the neighborhood so we dropped by Fred Segal to see if they had the new T by Alexander Wang undies. Score! They had it all in stock. We're not going to beat around the bush: we loved every single piece.

It's all sporty looking, but we don't know how great any of this would be for a ten-mile run or anything. The bras are made of soft cotton with elastic bands at the bottom. The sizing is S/M/L, and they fit true to size. The bras don't have proper cups, so they're probably not going to work for the amply-bosomed.

It's definitely all the criss-crossing, strappy business that makes this bras so special. We are not advocates of the underwear as outerwear look, but these bras would be great underneath a low-backed tee or casual blouse.

We were less wild about the little briefs. Which are still very cute, but they're supposed to look like guy underwear, thanks to a fake Y-front that not a Y, but?a circle that looks like it should be functional. Can you put your iPod in there? Maybe use it as a coin purse? Fun as they may be, these things will give you crazy-ass VPLs. We'll bet these see a lot of action as bikini bottoms this summer.

Confederacy is also carrying a few of the pieces, and you can also buy them online at the Alexander Wang website.
· Alexander Wang [Official Site]
· Fred Segal [Official Site]


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