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Sexy Staples by Sena Make Us Glad To Be A Stalker

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We were shlepping around the New Mart last weekend, and we kept seeing this one girl with such amazing style: she was wearing thick-framed black eyeglasses and moto-style black leggings with mesh insets. She looked like the sexy librarian who would handily kick your ass if you told her one more time that she looked like a sexy librarian.

Later the same day, we ran into her when we were stalking a skirt at Tiziana's in Los Feliz. We totally read the event as a stroke of fate.

Turns out her super-striking moto leggings and tee were from Sena NYC, a brand she reps. We've said it before: it takes a lot for us to get hot and bothered over jersey, but these pieces do the job. The line is (obviously) based in New York, but you can find them at Tiziana's, Elyse Walker, Fred Segal Fun, Bleu and Revolve Clothing.
· Sena NYC [Official Site]