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Desigual Brings Funky Spanish Flair to the Beverly Center

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For the past week, we kept seeing colorful, recyclable totes around town, bearing the name Desigual, and we kept thinking, "What?" A recent trip to the Beverly Center cleared up the mystery: it's a new store that's part of a chain based in Barcelona. The store opened about two weeks ago. We were innocently walking by the store, and we were accosted by a bag lady–actually, a very friendly 20-something clerk who was trying to lure us into the store with a free bag.

It's weird, as brightly colored as all the shirts, dresses and accessories are, the store is pretty dimly lit. That's fine: some of the prints and color combos are so loud and fluorescent, they might actually glow in the dark.

Our first impression was that it was what Custo Barcelona might look like if they were designing for an older audience. Or if Custo Barcelona got together and made a baby with Johnny Was. It's not a look we're fans of, but obviously, a lot of people out there are.

It's quite possible that they're big in other markets, which would explain why the merchandise seemed pricey (pricey for a brand we didn't know a whole lot about, we mean. There were a few sundresses, kinda cute but simple, for $79. Jeans for $144, which seems really ballsy to us (again, on account of the relative lack of name recognition). Many of the dresses, skirts and jeans were priced at $144, which seems like a weird number.

We tried a few things on, or at least took them to the dressing room so we could photograph them. The women's clothing fit pretty true to size.

So the bottom line is, it's not for us, but we can see how people would find the line charming. See the photos and judge for yourself.
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