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Lower Prices, Lots of Luv: Erin Wasson's Low Luv Collection at Fred Segal/Ron Robinson

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Elizabeth Daniels 3/10

If you saw our Street Scenes yesterday, you probably know we ran into Erin Wasson over the weekend. On Saturday, she dropped by Fred Segal/Ron Robinson to promote her new, lower-priced Low Luv collection of jewelry. The girl is obviously beautiful and has legs for miles, but did you know she's funny, too?

The jewelry is all very rock 'n' roll. Large chunky pieces, including a big ole crucifix that would probably earn you an excommunication, should you actually attempt to wear it to a house of worship. There were a few smaller, finer pieces—delicate, yes; demure, hell no. The piece that's been moving like wildfire? Fred Segal employees say it's the jointed knuckle ring. Easy to understand why: it's only $80 and "it's totally bad-ass." And yes, that's a direct quote from an employee. 95% of the jewelry retails for less than $100. The collection was shown amidst the a few of the Erin Wasson X RVCA pieces, which are a bit more expensive (like $380 for jeans). Besides promoting her jewelry, Erin hung out, drank yummy margaritas, joked with well-wishers, and rubbed the belly of her pregnant friend. See, she's just like all of us, right?
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Fred Segal/Ron Robinson

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