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Dockers Khakis Does Reverse Image Rehab, Sort Of

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Chances are, Dockers khakis occupies a sliver of your mind that's adjacent to the one for "Office Space": things that are emblematic of corporate America, casual Fridays, 401Ks?

Levi's is hoping to undo all that with a new, premium line of Dockers. The fancy pants in the K-1 Khaki Collection starts at $150: hallmarks of the line include a flat front, slightly slimmer fit, different washes, and many of the pants come pre-distressed and with little rips and shreds in just the right places. These pants are trying to say, "Wear us to work if you have to, but we'd rather be at the Echoplex or La Cita." American Rag threw a day long celebration for the collection; we stopped by to see the pants—and more importantly, see how people were wearing them. These ain't your father's pants, that's for sure. Our favorite look was worn on a gal who'd had them altered beyond recognition, almost. (see photos.)
· American Rag [Official Site]
· Dockers [Official Site]

American Rag

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American Rag

150 South La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036