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Mykita Eyewear at Gogosha Optique

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Philipp Haffmans and Moritz Krueger, the very Teutonic duo behind Mykita eyewear, stopped by Gogosha Optique on Wednesday to introduce their latest collection. These hand-crafted babies have graced the faces of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jason Statham?and Mykita has done some custom work and collabs for the highest profile sunglasses aficionado imaginable, Lady Gaga.

We hate to trot out the "fine German engineering" truisms, but the sunglasses are the optical equivalent of a Porsche: built with sophisticated and smart details (screwless hinges, many with flexible frames, lightweight materials) and drop-dead sexy styling.

And the price-point is about equivalent: the inventory at Gogosha starts at $455 and tops out at about $575. But considering how essential sunglasses are to the California lifestyle (keep your fingers crossed that June Gloom skips us this year), it's a worthwhile investment.

The chatty and charming Philipp gave us his predictions about the next big things in sunglasses: he thinks it's time for round to have its day again. And for both sunglasses and prescription glasses, he says that bigger is better, and light, delicate metal frames will be kicking the thick, chunky plastic frame to the curb. (We wonder how that's going to sit with all of the area hipsters in their fake-geek-chic Wayfarer seeing glasses.) We fell in love with a nice compromise: a neon-electric purple, thin-framed plastic aviator. We have a nasty habit of losing expensive sunglasses just days after purchase; if you do a better job of holding onto your stuff, we recommend you get there and check out the selection.
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Gogosha Optique

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