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Brand Equity Shows LA Doing What It Does Best

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One of the bigger, more high profile LAFW events went down on Sunday night: the Brand Equity Showroom Runway Show. On the one hand, we think, 'Kudos to Brand Equity for putting on such an efficient and well-organized show." The event featured four lines, back to back to back to back: Civil Society, Division E, Zanerobe and Buffalo by David Bitton. It ended when it was supposed to, and the guest were well-plied with drinks. On the other hand, we wish they'd used their powers to promote a more diverse array of clothing. The show presented a lot of denim, jersey and tees—all LA staples, and nice-looking pieces at that, but we hungered for something a little more exotic and aspirational.

For us, the high point of the show was when Zanerobe sent a model down the runway with a big, bushy furry tail. (Vindication!) This portion of the show featured a lot of theatrical, over-the-top styling: furry hats, boxing gloves, rowing gear. Ok, we get it, you're sporty! At least it didn't look like the models just wandered up in their street clothes, a criticism that we could make of other casual lines that showed during LAFW. The show closed with Buffalo by David Bitton. Lots of jeans, jersey and tees, but some sexy leather looks, too. The event ended on a California-cool note: all of the models came back down the runway, mugging and prancing and even doing a little break-dancing. Betsey Johnson isn't the only one who can pull of a cartwheel on the runway!
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