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Good Dirtee (Hollywood) Fun With Molly Crabapple

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A combination between a middle school art assignment and luxury fashion, the debut of the Molly Crabapple Collection at Ron Robinson in Fred Segal Thursday night was a breath of fresh air. Drawing in a crowd of shopping's elite and aspiring artists, all of the guests were brought in to be inspired.

While sketch artist Molly Crabapple worked on a huge canvas, Burlesque models shook, shimmied and pranced through the store in the artist's designs. The models were androgynous yet funky, each with her own vibe, playing into the story on her shirt. Now, the task. All the shopper in attendance got sketchpads; but finding something extraordinary to draw was not difficult. Whether or not your designs were fashion worthy, you can be your own judge, but even for those of us that find drawing stick figures to be an accomplishment, there was fun for all.

The Molly Crabapple Collection, which is part of the Dirtee Hollywood line, looked perfectly displayed throughout the store. And watching Molly herself draw was fabulous, proving that she really is the master behind the art. Fashion and art really go together like Audrey Hepburn and Tiffany's, and this event showcased the casual LA lifestyle perfectly: cool shirts and art of the moment in an interactive setting. [Text and photos by Samantha Lefkowtiz]
· Dirtee Hollywood [Official Site]

Fred Segal

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Fred Segal/Ron Robinson

8000 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA