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Making Up with Tarina Tarantino at Sephora

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On Saturday, we braved street closures and a big, loud, and very theatrical anti-war rally to check out the Tarina Tarantino event at the Sephora at Hollywood & Highland. There's nothing like fun, pink sparkles—and Tarina's infectious enthusiasm—to cure the malaise of civil unrest.

Her new makeup has been out for nearly a month, and Tarina & co. stopped by Sephora to meet and makeup adoring fans, and sign copies of her magalog. We caught up with Tarina for a quick interview and asked her a few questions about her line, and some of her own beauty secrets.

How'd the makeup line come about?
Most people forget that I was a model and I also worked as a makeup artist before the jewelry line. When the jewelry line took off, I had to focus on that, but I've always loved makeup.

What are some of your favorite products, besides your own?
Cetaphil is amazing. It's such a great product: it works well and it's so cheap, too. [And we can testify: up close, Tarina has gorgeous skin.] I love the Beauty Blender sponges; they give pretty flawless coverage.

If you had to leave the house wearing only two products, what would they be?
Definitely mascara and lipgloss. With the pink hair?I need something to open up my eyes so I don't look washed out. And even if I'm only leaving the house for a few minutes, I put moisturizer with some SPF on my skin.

So, we're guessing the mascara in your line is good?
Oh yes. The effect I was going for was 'false eyelashes in a tube,' and it lives up to my standards.

In your opinion, what's the greater beauty crime: bad hair highlights or orange fake tan?
(Tarina looks aghast, pondering the question) Oh wow, that's tough! Probably the fake tan. You can work around the hair, but the orange tan?

At which point a Sephora employee walking by starts talking about how she needs to cut out early because she has a tanning appointment, no lie.
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