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Yamashiro Garden Market Could Be Your New Favorite Thing

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If you've ever been up to the restaurant Yamashiro, nestled in the hills above Franklin and Highland, you know the view is probably one of the most majestic in the city. (We can't help wondering how many couples have gone up there to make up, break up, or make babies in the parking lot.) So when we learned the grounds would serve as home to LA's newest farmers market, we couldn't help but get a little excited.

Yesterday's market was only the third; while it may be new, they're doing a lot of things right. There were about 25 merchants on site, selling the usual farmers market goodies: fresh, organic produce; dried fruits and nuts; gourmet olive oils and cheeses; coffee; organic chocolate; kettle corn. It's all high quality, and not a lot of redundancy.

What sets this one apart are the culinary offerings. The star of this particular show is the Yamashiro taco stand, helmed by head chef Brock Kleweno. We admit, we're not foodies and don't have the appropriate vocabulary at our disposal, but oh my God, NOM NOM NOM, so good. We could have made a meal out of the ginger pico de galle salsa and wasabi guacamole. Another popular attraction was the Bulgarini Gelato: even from the time the farmers market opened, there was a line of people. There's even wine tasting in the pagoda.

As much as a market, this was developed with the intention of making it a happening. The later hours (it goes from 5pm to 9pm each Thursday) means it's convenient; even if you have to work, there's still time to stop by and do a little shopping. There's a band and entertainment for the kids; we'll sure the entertainment options will expand as the market does, too. The glorious view is worth the price of admission alone. (Yes, there is a wee little valet fee of $2.) We can practically guarantee you that by the time summer rolls around, this is going to be a scene.
· Yamashiro Garden Market [Official Site]

Yamashiro Garden Market

1999 N. Sycamore Ave., Los Angeles, CA