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Your Weekend Update on What's Been Restocked at Target

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We dropped by the WeHo Target to see how their inventories of Liberty of London and Jean Paul Gaultier were doing. Both appear to have been replenished. (In the case of LoL housewares, the stock was replenished, then wiped out again.) If you're looking for clothing, almost everything appears to be in stock for LoL. The JPG selection includes all of the crinkly dresses the black shrug dress, the floral print skirts, the leather motor cycle jackets, the tattoo mesh wrap tie blouse, the bikinis, the menswear inspired items?the tattoo print leggings were MIA. We saw maybe five pairs of LoL printed rainboots, and a handfull of housewares. We hear there's still a good selection in Glendale, too.
· Give Us Liberty or Give Us Death?At Target [Racked LA]


Santa Monica and La Brea, West Hollywood, CA