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Gen Art's Alumni Party Offers More Style Than Substance (But We're OK With That)

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LA Fashion Week is finally here; there's already a swarm of little shows popping up, but Tuesday's main event was the Gen Art alumni party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. There were no runways or formal presentations, just a lot of people, photo opps with some of Gen Art's more high profile stories—Jeffrey Sebelia, Elmer Ave, Erik Hart, Freddie Rojas, Kit Scarbo, Louis Verdad, Rami Kashou, among others. A few of the designers had models placed around the party, but you had to intentionally seek the fashion out; it didn't go strolling by. The event was also graced by various grades of celebrity from Amber Rose to Bobby Trendy. We're not sure how this fits into the bigger Fashion Week picture, but you can't argue with a balmy Southern California spring night, tunes spun by Posso the DJ, free wine, and of course, a nonstop cavalcade of interesting fashion choices. Early in the night, we spotted a dude wearing one of those Radarte sweatshirts. At first we thought, any guy who spends $160 on a sweatshirt, just to be cool, is kinda lame. But by the end of the night, we were filled with mad lust; guys, consider the shirt a really smart investment.
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