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Giant Missoni Boutique Finally in Business

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A very large new Missoni boutique opened in Beverly Hills this weekend. The timing maybe wasn't the greatest: Saturday (the day it opened) was rainy and gray, so the lightweight zig-zaggy spring dresses and bikinis seemed a little frivolous and climate-inappropriate. Then Sunday was the Superbowl, which sapped some of the street's foot traffic. We were in the neighborhood on Saturday, and took a stroll through the boutique.

We have to admit, we're not the biggest Missoni fans—and after visiting the store, we're even less so. The 5,100 sq. ft. store is very pretty on this inside; that much is a given. But we've never encountered such a chilly sales staff. Perhaps it was the newness of the store and the fact that it was still pretty quiet (we were there at about 12:30; there were maybe three customers in the store and at least 12 staff). We were offered badly-faked half-smiles and a few full-on glares. And it was impossible to take more than two step without someone getting all up in your business. Lighten up, people!

We also wonder what's going on with the pricing. We saw a cute, peep-toed jelly shoe in the store for $275, then came home and found the same shoe online at Intermix for $198. It's a safe bet that we're not going back to investigate.
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469 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA