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Your Fashion Guide to Super Sunday

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So you got invited to a Super Bowl Party. Maybe you're all, "OMG who's playing?" and "OMG is that thing really pigskin?" and "OMG what do I wear?" Or maybe you're a football fan but your lucky t-shirt got destroyed in the wash.

Calm down. We're here to help. Here's what you need to know:

· The New Orleans Saints are playing the Indianapolis Colts. Kickoff is at 3:25 pm PST on CBS, but there will be a full day of pregame and postgame madness surrounding it.

· No, footballs are not made of pigskin. They're leather. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

· Carrie Underwood is singing the national anthem. The Who is doing the halftime show.

· If your'e the kind of person who likes to cheer for the underdog, this is the Saints' first Super Bowl ever. The Colts last went in February of 2007, where they defeated the Chicago Bears.

· If you're the kind of person who picks a winner based on team colors, the Saints are black and gold and the Colts are blue and white. If you want to be neutral at the party, don't wear these color combinations.

· The Saints' logo is a fleur-de-lis, making it one of the easiest teams to shop for without having to buy licensed apparel that you may never wear again. Try a pair of earrings from Max & Chloe, a pair of Miss Me jeans, or a simple inexpensive t-shirt.

· The Colts' logo is a horseshoe, also making it fairly easy to shop for on a maybe-I-can-use-this-again level. Try a blue horseshoe bracelet or studded charm, True Religion jeans or an Alexander McQueen belt.

· Now sit back, have a beer (or cocktail) and here's to hoping this year's commercials aren't totally lame.

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