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Barneys New York Warehouse Sale Is Finally Here

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Promises of 50% - 75% off designer clothes and accessories draw huge crowds to the Barneys New York Warehouse Sale. Find out if it's all worth your trouble here, then head over to the LA Convention Center at 1201 South Figueroa.

7:24am: Just rolled up.

7:25am: Dangit, a line!

7:33am: About 30 people in line in front, another 10 behind.

7:38am: Little fashionista in the making. Also gonna slow Mama down. How can one wrestle bargain handbags away from rabid shoppers when you have a bebe in tow?

7:40am: OMG dude just rolled up in short shorts. Hope he's gonna invest in pants while he's here.

7:50am: The line grows...about 75 people right now.

7:54am: Little baby has provided ample entertainment. Doors opening soon. Employees doing some rah-rah motivational exercise.

7:56am: Sooo hungry. Starbucks not open. Hunger = bad decision making.

8:00am: Hot tip from the pros: Handbags first. Then shoes. Scope the clothes but wait till the final weekend when the discounts are better. Good bags are gone in minutes.

8:02am: Doors open. People running.

1201 South Figueroa, Los Angeles, California