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At the Races: The Barneys Warehouse Sale

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We follow the pro tips and try to avoid bloodshed at the Barneys Warehouse Sale downtown at 1201 South Figueroa.

8:04am: Goyard bag $599.

8:15am: Shoes are pretty, but we're not blown away.

8:19am: Dudes shoes calm.
Prices the same they were on sale a few weeks ago.

8:21am: Someone is scoring three Givenchy bags at $500 a pop.

8:50am: For the dudes: Comme des Garcons for 486, Prada sweaters for 215.

8:51am: Short shorts man is looking at pants.

8:59am: Helmut Lang skinnies, $140. Cheaper at Saks after Christmas.

1201 South Figueroa, Los Angeles, California