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News You Can Use About Barneys Warehouse Sale

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About ten of these racks full of amazing suits. Who says weren't not looking out for the guys?
About ten of these racks full of amazing suits. Who says weren't not looking out for the guys?

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OK, so we just got back. Too many distractions! We know many of you are going to go, regardless, but here are a few observations about what's there, what's not, and whether you should wait till the final weekend.

Lots of the slinky Alexander Wang dresses. Starting at about $115. Also saw one—just one—of the stretch skirts with the sheer mesh inserts. But didn't see any AWang shoes, save for the black cowboy boot-looking ones. The only T piece we saw was the grey thermal onesies for $46—which were, no lie, getting snatched up like hotcakes. REALLY, PEOPLE?
All the good bags are gone. There is a pile of big, plasticy Barneys Co-op bags for about $39.
Didn't see any belts, or sunglasses.
Hardly any Phillip Lim, but plenty of DVF, Theory, Marc Jacobs, Loeffler Randall. And Rodarte. One girl carried a couple of dresses into the dressing room (which is terrible, by the way. The attendants are mean, you can't get to the mirror; only marginally better than dropping trou out in the open)—she's like, "Oh, aren't these amazing? There are rows and rows, all for $249! I'm getting two!" We suggested she inspect the price again. At $2,497, we don't think she was getting any.
Racks and racks of beautiful suits for the guys, and an on-site tailor.
As far as shoes go, there were lots of Loubs, Lanvin, Givenchy, Prada?the high-end stuff was well represented. Selection not as good for the middle-of-the-road stuff, like Barneys Co-op, Marc by Marc Jacobs, or Loeffler Randall.
Ladies, don't be afraid to look at the man-bags. We saw a black Givenchy manbag for $250. Would also work well as an oversized purse.
We have no advice about parking. Other than don't do it, if you can. There's a subway station about eight blocks away. It's a brisk walk, and you'll save at least $8.

Consider all that and plan accordingly. Right now, the prices are the same as they were when this merchandise was in the stores on final markdown, so if bargains are your thing, you might want to wait.

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