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X-Large's Sneak Peak for Spring

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Someday pretty soon, someone's going to do a 2010 update on the story of the Pied Piper and replace the piper with a food truck. On Saturday night, they were EVERYWHERE, luring hip young customers out of perfectly good parties and stores. This was the case at the NEW DECADE-NEW DYNASTY Spring Showcase Party at XLarge. When we rolled up at 9 pm, it looked like at least 100 people were queued outside and waiting to order from Lomo Arigato, a truck that serves Japanese/Peruvian.

Which isn't to say that the store wasn't packed to the gills.

The store threw a little shindig to spotlight rising LA designers like Conart, Dimepiece, Cash Crop, ANZA, 9Five, Emortal and JSLV. They were also dishing out free energy drink-cocktails, spinning tunes and hawking clothing.

We already know and like Dimepiece: You know how hard we bag on those droopy-crotched pants? Well, Dimepiece had a pair last season that we actually loved and would have purchased, had they not sold out in so many places. So if Dimepiece can make harem pants that we think are hot?you get the idea.

The showcase was just a weekend affair, but judging by the enthusiastic turnout, the lines will find permanent places on the racks at XLarge, and probably dozens of other shops in the the LA area. We'll keep you posted.
· XLarge Clothing [Official Site]
· Dimepiece Designs [Official Site]


1768 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA