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Gap's Pop-Up on Robertson Comes Back for Good

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Today marks the grand opening of the new Gap 1969 concept store on Robertson Blvd. And we've been up since daybreak fighting the crowds so we could bring you this detailed review first thing--

Yeah, okay, you got us. So they gave us a private, leisurely sneak-peek yesterday afternoon. Here's the details:

It's very similar to their previous pop-up shop, which was located a few stores down last time. In fact, they actually brought the whole thing back based on an overwhelmingly positive customer response (which we figure means that they sold a lotta stuff and made a lotta monies). They're at 109 S. Robertston, which puts them next door to Rock & Republic and across the street from 7 for all Mankind, who we're sure are exuberantly glad to see Gap's under-$100 premium denim line receiving such attention.

The middle of the store is one super-long denim table that displays the core fits and washes that the Gap is known for. Along the walls are the specialty pieces that reflect current trends, like ultra-skinny-almost-jegging fits and relaxed, distressed, cuffed boyfriend styles. In addition, these pieces are paired with some highlights from the Gap's current in-store collection. There's stylish denim blazers, a buttery-soft white leather jacket that we couldn't keep our hands off of, and the infamous denim motorcycle jacket that we're pretty sure we're going to see on everybody this season. Plus tee shirts, chambray shirts, floral and plaid buttondowns, suede bags, belts and more. One side of the store is women's and one side of the store is men's, though the predominance of denim makes them both look almost interchangeable.

New additions that weren't at the last store include a brand new Baby Gap 1969 collection, which is incredibly soft and incredibly tiny overalls and jeans. The giant denim wall is back, housing around 1,000 pairs of jeans, but now you can actually go behind it and search through the stock to find your size. Also, that's where you'll find the permanent dressing rooms (with doors!) and the "Robertson Loves..." wall, a place to share your love of Gap's denim. The store has a special Polaroid-style camera that employees use to snap pictures of particularly stylin' people to put on the wall and then sign like a giant guestbook. In pure LA fashion, the wall is already speckled with celeb autographs from Rebecca Romijn, Sarah Michelle Geller, Debra Messing and Selma Blair, to name a few. Apparently Rebecca and Selma love the denim motorcycle jacket (we told you it was going to be popular).

Price points in the store are in the $60 to $80 range for denim, and pretty much similar among the other items like buttondowns and jackets. Tees are less, and the leather stuff is more money. The non-denim items will rotate in and out based on trends and popularity, but you can always expect to find pretty much every denim size, fit and wash ever made for the 1969 collection since its launch last August. Plus, the staff at the Robertson store is specially trained to be denim experts, and were picked from other Gap stores based on their experience and knowledge. We can attest to their amazing skills—we walked out of the store with a bag full of super-soft denim, even though we thought we would be un-fittable by Gap's generic standards. Boy, were we wrong. These people will put you in jeans that fit, and You. Will. Like it.

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1969 Jeans Store

109 South Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048 (310) 275-1390 Visit Website


109 S. Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca