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Tarina Tarantino Makeup Now at Sephora

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Look what we discovered at Sephora on Monday night: the new collection of Tarina Tarantino makeup! We were sans camera and phone, so we couldn't document its existence. But we played around with all of it, overjoyed that it was all so new: it had indeed just been introduced that day, and no one else had even cracked it open.

We love us some Tarina Tarantino, but we'll go ahead and say it: none of this stuff is revolutionary. Lots of pretty colors (including many shades of pink, surprise). The packaging is delightful. The prices are what you'd expect, especially since this line is competing with lines like Urban Decay, Kat Von D, etc: $19 for eyeshadow, $19 for lipgloss, $22 for lipstick. The display includes a few very basic pieces of TT jewelry, like a stretch bauble bracelet ($30) and a tulle pin (also $30). There's also perfume, which we did not apply. (Our errand was to help a friend pick out a fragrance for another friend, so we were already on scent overload.) We did try the gloss (very sheer, ok taste, relatively longwearing) and the shadows and liners (awesome color that goes on and stays on true, very blendable). Overall, we did really like, it and we know lots of people are gonna go nuts for this stuff. Indeed, when we went back on Tuesday to take pictures, it appeared many colors of lipgloss and shadow, and some of the perfume, had already sold out. Better get on it quick: this stuff is moving like (bright pink, sparkly) hotcakes.
· Tarina Tarantino at Sephora [Sephora]