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No Trunks, Lots to Show at Trunkshow LA

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Trunkshow LA technically isn't new: they've been open since October, but finally just got around to inviting us over for a look-see. Hey, it's ok: we owned a pickup truck in college, so we got used to people calling us for last minute favors. Located on Main Street in Santa Monica, the store takes up a large, clean, airy space with prime foot traffic. Inside, there's racks and racks discounted clothing and accessories from local and emerging designers such as Erik Hart, Monrow, Country Love, Shae, Mike & Chris and Alexis La Montagna. There's also a large denim section in the front window with jeans from J Brand, Young, Fabulous & Broke and Paige Premium.

Though prices aren't rock-bottom bargain-basement material, the goods are definitely discounted. Based on what we saw, average prices hover in the $50-$100 range for current-season soft tees and slouchy dresses in solid colors, with a few daily specials to help sweeten the deal. There are also a few 40% off racks out front on the sidewalk.

While we were in the store, the sales help?er, they were perhaps a little laissez faire (except with their iPhones). So, unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to introduce ourselves. On the other hand, we did get the opportunity to shop freely without hovering sales clerks putting pressure on us to try things on and telling us we'd look good in everything. So there's definitely an underlying benefit there.

Overall, we salute Trunkshow LA for supporting more local and emerging designers instead of filling their space with junky leftovers from played-out brands. In summary, the selection is excellent, the store is very pretty, and the service? Well, let's just say two out of three isn't bad.
· Trunkshow LA [Official Site]

2430 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA

2430 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA