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Like a Breath of Springtime-Fresh Air, Imported From France: Chez Bop at Sunset Plaza

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When we first stepped into the newly-opened Chez Bop, we got the feeling of being in a library. Owing not at all to anything physical: with its light, space, sparkle, and so many whimsical touches, Chez Bop is pretty much the polar opposite of a library. But walking in gives you a feeling of comfort (like you want to sit down and stay a while), and you know that each item in the store probably has a good story behind it.

The best story of all is the one belonging to proprietor Bonnie Baker: she bailed on an uber-successful corporate career to follow her heart and open a store that let her showcase her love of fashion and Parisian influence. A lot of heart went into the store (and probably, greenbacks, too): it's spacious, with an upstairs loft, and filled with flourishes like cobblestones painted on the floor, interesting niches, and all kinds of handmade and vintage furnishings.

Bonnie has scouted the clothing and the designers from all over the world—one of her goals is to create a collection that isn't going to be found anywhere else, while cultivating up-and-coming designers, too. If you're looking for the usual status labels, you won't find them here. But you will find clothes that share an essence with lines like Nanette Lepore, Betsey Johnson, and even Chanel: romantic, feminine, and confident. The clothes are spirited and fun, but not in a teeny-bopper sort of way. We're doing a bit of paraphrasing here, but Bonnie is as tired of the Hollywood Ho look as any of us are.

The little trinkets are all pretty special, and great deals, as well: we saw a red satin clutch for $30, many purses (including that amazing rosette bag) for less than $100 (and quite a few for not much more), and some crazy-amazing chunky-jeweled bracelets for about $100, too.

The boutique is barely two weeks old, so Bonnie is still playing with the mix and exploring new ideas. The store will likely develop into a hub for casual events that combine socializing, fashion, and assorted Epicurean delights—champagne with your shopping, anyone?

Chez Bop is also making a generous offer to Racked LA readers: $25 off a purchase of jewelry and apparel with this coupon.
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Chez Bop

8669 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA