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Sweet, Sweet Fingercandy by Confection Jewels at Ron Robinson

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Diamonds maybe a girl's best friends, but every now and then, us girls need something a little sweet. And there's nothing sweeter the Confection Jewels created by Venice local Yanique Venezia. The line made its grand debut at the Fred Segal/Ron Robinson store in West Hollywood over the weekend. Friends, family, strangers and even Ron Robinson made an appearance to show support to Venezia and her cute line of hip rings as everyone gawked and tried on rings while drinking a little bubbly. Made from rare and unique buttons—some are over 100 years old—these handcrafted rings are so sweet that you just want to eat them off your hand. And we have to admit we wanted to, but instead we decided to eat the display. The rings were placed in silver cupcake wrappers surrounded by candy hearts, red hearts and chocolates. There was even a girl dressed up with like an old cigarette girl, but instead of hawking smokes, she was showing off a few of the bits and baubles. The stand out was the Key West/Umbrella Weather model, a big and gaudy hand-carved button with green and blue undertones on a gold band. As it goes with jewelry, these rare gems don't come cheap: they'll cost you between $65-225. But you're getting the sweetest piece of fingercandy you can imagine. The rings are sold only at Fred Segal/Ron Robinson store, and online at Yanique Venezia's jewelry site. (Text by Yolanda Evans, photos by Aaron Cassou)
· Confection Jewels [Official Site]

Fred Segal/Ron Robinson

8118 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA